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TK9 Goodbye-Soldering Harness

Kinman TK9 Goodbye Soldering Harness for Nashville Telecaster.
Chris Kinman invented the angled switch in 2002 and applied for a Patent.
This and the bent lever avoids interference of knobs and looks cool too.

11-June-2020 Available again after being discontinued in 2017.

9 great sounds for Nashville style Telecasters* (3 pickups)

Accepts non-Kinman pickups also. (see image below of Adapter Kit which must be soldered to hook-up wires of pickups that do not have Kinman harness plugs fitted)

Use this ORDER CHANNEL only if you are buying a harness without pickups. If you are ordering pickup(s) there is provision to include a harness (same price as displayed above) after you click the BUY button for your pickup(s). Generally this will not increase the cost of shipping.

Has 5 position selector switch and nine sounds, flick the unobtrusive mini toggle switch located between the volume and tone controls and you’ll get the 9th sound ….. it’s like adding a Les Paul Jnr (P-90) to your Tele* (volume boost and a thickening of the tone).

NOTE-1: Many Teles* have the middle pickup cavity already routed and all that is needed to have 3 pickups is to change the pickguard and get a Kinman TK9 Goodbye-Soldering Tele* Harness.

NOTE-2: Not available for Left Hand, Right hand only.

Click for TK9 switching chart of the 9 pickup combinations (PDF file).

A Masterpiece in innovation and design. Along with all the new innovative features of Kinman’s other Tele’s Harness the 3 pickup version has some very attractive additional features. First there is a low profile toggle switch mounted subterranean between the 2 knobs that, when flicked down, combines the bridge and middle pickup into series, simultaneously disabling the pickup selector switch (which can be left ‘set’ so you can return without hesitation to previous setting). This provides instant crunch sound with a fatter tone thanks to the increased output of the series connection yielding a sound very reminiscent of a P-90, without the hum. The neck pickup can be added via the K7 control (provided that feature has been selected with the 2nd internal switch …… read on). This gives a fat but slightly hollow crunch tone reminiscent of an old Marshall Plexi sound.

There are two tiny 2-position slide switches mounted in the harness. The first switch comes pre-set so the second pot is acting as a K7 mix control operating on the neck pickup, yielding 7+ sounds from the 3 pickups. Sliding the switch converts the pot from the K7 control to become a Tone control. Again all it takes is 60 seconds of your time. It’s your choice. Disabling the K7 does not affect the K9 switching function.

The second switch allows you to choose between my High Definition Tone control and a regular tone cap when the first switch is set to Tone control. The Hi-Def setting has a subtle effect on the highs, not nearly so profound as the Normal .022 setting and at first you might think it’s not working. But once you get it you may just like it a lot. Again, 60 seconds of your time to easily change that switch.

The volume pot has the famous Kinman treble bypass filter so you won’t lose highs when you turn the volume down.

For the relaunch we’ve added our exclusive user adjustable Lo & Normal torque pots. Set to Lo torque for easy volume swells and voilinning or set to Normal torque if you prefer.

Soldering is eliminated 100% with this ingenious harness when Kinman pickups are included in order. When used with other pickups Adapter Kits (included miniature plugs) must be soldered to the hook-up wires (see Image below).

FOOTNOTE: Ideally it is best to included a TK9 in an order with a set of Kinman Strat pickups so the middle pickup will have grounded magnets and be fitted with a 3 conductor hook-up cable. These measures prevent noise, under some circumstances, when your fingers touch the magnets but only when the pickup is switched into series mode. In practice, noise rarely happens when the middle pickup doesn’t have grounded magnets and a 2 conductor cable because it is difficult to touch the magnets without also being in contact with the strings, which are grounded. In effect fingers are grounded and this helps reduce noise significantly. Occasionally there might be a little bit of noise but experience has shown most players are not overly bothered by it.

  • OAK Grigsby lever switch (USA)
  • Switchcraft Jack socket (USA)
  • High quality pots with accurate value & low turning torque specially made for Kinman (3/8″ bushing)
  • New feature – user adjustable Lo and Normal torque pots.
  • Green colored (Orange Drop) polyester capacitors
  • Brass dome knobs, Chrome plated
  • Top-Hat switch tip
  • Warm Nickel look polished stainless steel control plate with Kinman’s famous slanted switch (invented by Kinman in 2002)
  • Soon to be available in Durable Black (March-2021)

NOTE: Not available for Left Hand, Right hand only.

* Fender and Telecaster and Tele are registered Trade Marks of Fender Musical Instrument Corp, Inc. Kinman is not associated with FMIC but they kindly permit us to refer to their Trade Marks to reference our products.

Technical Stuff

The TK9 with unobtrusive subterranean mounted Series/Parallel mini Toggle switch.

Under the hood of the TK9, a masterpiece of design and engineering.

Adapter Kit that gets soldered to pickup wires that do not have a Kinman Harness plug.

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