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K9-H Gen-2 Goodbye-Soldering Harness

Accepts non-Kinman pickups also. The pickups now connect to the green screw-down connector block shown below.

Screw-Down connector block

A FREE high quality screwdriver to tighten the small screws is included with your harness.

9 sounds for Stratocaster* (with coil splitting HSS & HSH)
Use this ORDER CHANNEL only if you are buying a harness without pickups. If you are ordering pickup(s) there is provision to include a harness (same price as displayed above) after you click the BUY button for your pickup(s). Generally this will not increase the cost of shipping.

Accepts non-Kinman pickups also. Bare wires are accepted by the screw-down terminal block shown above. Soldering is eliminated 100% with this ingenious harness.

Provides the optimum electrical environment allowing the pickup to develop their full sonic and feel potential.

The K9-H is a version of our K9 Strat harness designed for splitting ordinary bridge (and /or neck) humbucker (HSS or HSH) to single coil operation. The footprint template is the same as the K9. The two main differences are …

1) the volume pot load changes from 500K to 250K when a Strat pickup is selected.
2) The K9 Push/Push switch splits one or two normal humbucker(s) to single coil operation in the ‘OUT’ position regardless of selector switch position.
3) The K9 Push/Push switch does not connect bridge and middle in series as the K9 does.

The 500k rotary aspect of the K9 Push/Push control mixes the neck pickups to the output (and to whatever other pickups or combinations thereof is selected by the selector switch) so it’s easy to have all 3 pickups on at the same time. The volume pot has the famous Kinman treble bypass filter so you won’t lose highs when you turn the volume down. The Tone pot is a 500k No-Load type without detent. Please read our Blog Article titled “Any old cable won’t do”

A unique additional feature is the internal slide switch where you can select either of 2 tone caps, the Kinman High Definition Tone control, or a regular tone control if you want normal extreme treble cut. Another unique feature is the pots and K9 control are user replaceable without soldering (in the rare event one needs to be replaced).

Shipped with pots set to normal torque but convert easily to Easy Turn pots (right hand only) for easy finger rolling (violinning), the Install Guide shows how. The Tone pot is the No-load type (without detent). The Volume pot for Strat pickups actually measures 250K+.

Switching function charts HSS & HSH

NOTE: when the humbucker(s) is split to single coil mode it is non-noiseless, either alone or in combination with noiseless or non-noiseless Strat pickups (unless the non-noiseless are Reverse Wound Reverse Magnetic Polarity.


is a modified K9-H designed especially to switch the Enhanced Split Single Coil of Kinman 2n1 Gen-2 Humbuckers only. Only one Kinman 2n1 Gen-2 humbucker with can be split with this harness.

Our new 2n1 Gen-2 humbucker with Enhanced Split Single Coil sound is louder & stronger, authentic Fender sound although hum is not cancelled with about the same level as a Strat pickup.

Both models have optional normal torque and Easy Turn volume pot (right hand only) for easy finger rolling (violinning). The Tone pot is a No-load type (without detent).

  • OAK Grigsby lever switch (USA)
  • Switchcraft Jack socket (USA)
  • High quality easy turning pots with accurate value specially made for Kinman (3/8″ bushing)
  • Green colored (Orange Drop) polyester capacitors
  • Knobs & Switch tip included, color co-ordinated with pickups. We don’t have Parchment knobs so use your originals or buy Fender replacement knobs. Instead of Parchment your order will deliver with White knobs.

NOTE-1: available for Right and Left hand

NOTE-2: Suitable for both pickguard mounting and & rear rout control cavities such as offered by Warmoth.

* Fender and Stratocaster and Strat are registered Trade Marks of Fender Musical Instrument Corp, Inc. Kinman is not associated with FMIC but they kindly permit us to refer to their Trade Marks to reference our products.

The K9-H is a fully modular harness where all the parts plug together, eliminating soldering 100%.

Adapter Kit that gets soldered to pickup wires that do not have a Kinman Harness plug. Now redundant with the latest versions that have screw-down connector blocks.

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