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TK3/1 Goodbye-Soldering Harness

Note the angled and bent switch that solves clashing of the knobs.

This is an ergonomic design at its best.

3 usable sounds for Esquire Telecasters* with 1 pickup. Upgraded Gen-2 model now shipping

Accepts non-Kinman pickups also. The pickups now connect to the green screw-down connector block shown below.

Screw-Down connector block

A FREE high quality screwdriver to tighten the small screws is included with your harness.

Use this ORDER CHANNEL only if you are buying a harness without pickups. If you are ordering pickup(s), there is a provision to include a harness (same price as displayed above) after you click the BUY button for your pickup(s). Generally, this will not increase the cost of shipping.

What can you do with a 3-way switch when only one pickup is installed? The original Esquires had an extreme treble cut, which most players find totally useless. One of the better known modifications is the so called Cocked Wah mod which supposedly sounds like a wah pedal in the 20% down position. We built this mod but were utterly disappointed because the so-called cocked wah mod is nothing like an actual cocked wah. So many frequencies are filtered out that the sound is robbed of all dynamics, definition, and juice. We are all about great sound, so we designed our modification (the Kinman Esquire mod) to deliver some useful sounds, and the TK-3/1 is the result,.

Pos 1 Normal sound of the pickup
Pos 2 Bass cut (more like a wah pedal 70% down, bright, twangy, and crisp)
Pos 3 Midrange emphasized (Bass cut with high Treble cut, nothing like a wah pedal but can be useful)

And, of course, the volume pot has our famous by-pass filter, so treble is not lost at reduced volume settings and the No-Load Tone control has switchable Hi Definition and Normal caps. The second mini slide switch selects one of two different tone cut capacitors. The Hi-Def setting has a subtle effect on the highs, not nearly so profound as the Normal .022 setting, and at first, you might think it’s not working. But once you get it you may like it a lot.

The TK-3/1 features the famous Kinman slanted switch that eliminates annoying clashing of the switch and volume knobs in the number 1 position. This design separates the switch knob from the volume knob by a good distance in all positions and makes the switch knob very easy to get to without hindrance from the volume knob. Click on the photo above to see this innovative solution to an age-old annoyance.

Upgrades Dec-2017: re-designed circuit board to mount the pickup sockets away from the selector switch so it’s not so squeezy in the control cavity. A miniature slide switch changes the volume pot resistance between 250k for throaty sound and 500k for thinner sound. The Volume control has been moved 8mm further away from the selector switch, further improving the separation of these controls. This is a clever ergonomic design at it’s best.

Shipped with pots set to normal torque but convert easily to Easy Turn pots (right hand only) for easy finger rolling (violinning), the Install Guide shows how. The Tone pot is the No-load type (without detent).

The TK-3/1 comes mounted on a polished Stainless Steel control panel and like all Kinman No-Soldering Harness, eliminates soldering 100% and comes ready to drop (Do It Yourself – Plug & Play) into your guitar with all wiring completed with output jack socket connected to a shielded output cable.

Soldering is eliminated 100% with this ingenious harness when Kinman pickups are included in the order. Even other brand pickups will connect without soldering.

  • OAK Grigsby lever switch (USA)
  • Switchcraft Jack socket (USA)
  • High quality pots with accurate value & low turning torque specially made for Kinman (3/8″ bushing)
  • New feature – user-adjustable Lo and Normal torque pots.
  • Green colored (Orange Drop) polyester capacitors
  • Brass dome knobs, Chrome plated
  • Top-Hat switch tip
  • Warm Nickel look polished stainless steel control plate with Kinman’s famous slanted switch (invented by Kinman in 2002)
  • Soon to be available in Durable Black (March-2021)

NOTE: Fits USA made Fenders and many MIJ and MIM models. The control cavity must have a width of not less than 25.4mm (1″). Control cavity depth must be 36mm deep at both ends; cavities with a step in the floor where one end is 32mm deep are unsuitable. This step can be removed, but the cavity shielding should be restored (Navigate to >Technical >Perfect Guitar >Shielding)

NOTE: Not available for Left Hand, Right hand only.

* Fender and Telecaster and Tele are registered Trade Marks of Fender Musical Instrument Corp, Inc. Kinman is not associated with FMIC but they kindly permit us to refer to their Trade Marks to reference our products.


Technical Stuff

The TK3/1 is very similar to this TK4. Picture of Gen-2 model coming soon.

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