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Kinmanusa PAF Plus Humbucker Bridge & PAF Astound Humbucker Neck Set

Kinmanusa PAF Plus Humbucker Bridge & PAF Astound Humbucker Neck.

The PAF Plus is a much improved PAF which works better in the neck position than conventional humbuckers and is excellent for the bridge position too if you want noticeably less dirty growl and grind than a regular humbucker. Featuring vastly improved Tone / definition / clarity on the wound strings with minimized blurring from the low notes in the neck position, thanks to Kinmanusa’s Triple Alnico Tone advantage. The neck position has well defined and clear low notes that have a strong hint of twang and a nice dose of piano tones in the mids.


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The PAF Astound is a high energy version of the PAF+ with an overdose of drive and dirty but defined growl n grind for the bridge position. Awesome dynamic range and exceptional touch sensitivity with ultimate clarity adds a 3rd dimension to the sound that effortlessly cuts through the band. Compared to a vintage PAF humbucker it has better/faster attack, and dynamic response and tracks as fast as lightening in response to blurringly fast pick attack and is very responsive to pinch harmonics and hammer-ons which makes it a must for shredders as well as rock and heavy rock. It growls effortlessly on the wound strings and sings sweetly on the plain strings with an intense harmonic bloom which is not spiky.

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