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Kinman PAF 59LPS Humbucker Bridge & PAF 59LPS Light Humbucker Neck Set

All Kinman humbuckers have more than a hint of piano mid tones, some have more than others. The trick is to engineer a stringy sound from the low wound strings without overstepping into the territory of twang. Guitar players often complain that humbuckers are, at the same time, too trebly and not trebly enough. What we have done is to sweeten the high’s on the plain strings and remove those overly present nasty ear-splitting upper midrange spikes, while simultaneously emphasizing piano mid tones of the wound strings. It sounds simple enough but there are challenges that must be solved on a technical level in order for this delicate balancing act to be accomplished.

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Brett Kingman said “The 59 LPS has some of the best cleans I’ve ever heard and that’s why I love them so much. They are very versatile too and are right at home in country, funk, jazz, as well as rock n roll and the heavier guitar arts”.

So here we have a humbucker that has nicely balanced treble and presence on the plain and wound stings along with piano mid tones to give the wound strings better clarity and definition without the muddy veil that plagues practically all other humbuckers. It also has improved dynamic range and better hum cancellation.


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