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Tele Neck Covers

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Tele Neck Pickup Cover

Our new Gen-2 Tele neck cover is made of Nickel-Silver for durability and has no impact on the sonic character of the pickup. It has an arched top for staggered magnets. It also does not produce a buzz when touched. Buy a replacement in the Covers section of Products.

Also suitable for Kinman Gen-1 pickups.

Gen-2 Tele neck cover

The sonic performance of our Gen-2 pickups is upheld by our NEW Kinman Nickel-Silver cover, which is engineered to look like the original but not negatively impacts the pickup’s sonic performance as the original 60’s Fender Chromed Brass covers do. Our cover is also arched to allow staggered magnets that produce much-improved string volume balance. Thanks to our proprietary Kin-Chrome process, it will last as long as normal metal covers. The buffed natural Nickel-Silver version is excellent for relic-ing since the metal reacts to mild acids such as Lemon juice to give it an aged patina. Also, the Gen-2 cover does not buzz when touched with fingers.

This is our arched top cover for magnet stagger to suit the 7~14″ radius range.

Soon our flat top cover for magnet stagger to suit a flat radius of 14~18″ will be added. Meanwhile, please get in touch with us if you need a flat top cover.

This is our new cover made of Nickel-Silver. It is much more durable than the old Plastic cover. It requires soldering the ground wire to the Tab on the bottom edge.

To see full fitting instructions navigate to > Technical > install Guides > Telecaster section > Changing the cover on the neck pickup

NOTE: DO NOT order this cover for other brands of pickups. It is designed especially for Kinman Tele neck pickups and is not suitable for other brands.


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