AVn-62 ….. enhanced midrange for Blues

AVn-62 is the neck and middle pickups in the Blues set, the bridge pickup is the SCn. One customer rated the Blues set as the outstanding best after he tried Fender Hot Noiseless, DiMarzio Virtual Solo/Virtual Vintage ’54 Pro/Virtual Vintage Heavy Blues 2, Woodstock Plus.

You can expect aged sound with Zero-Hum, longer sustain, minimized fret buzz and warm, sweet bluesy tone. It’s also good for modern rhythm lines.

You might like the warm vintage sound because it has more midrange coloration and no scoop, but the highs are still brilliant. It’s slightly louder than a stock Strat* single coil, and has a fatter, warmer tone than regular non-noiseless pickups. You’ll love the boxing glove attack and low-note growl factor. No nasty, jagged ice-pick-in-the-ear annoyance that makes your ears hurt while the bass has an understated classic vintage warmth without the scoop of new non-aged Strat pickups. It has a lively and responsive feel and has the aggression of spanky new pickups. It doesn’t matter if your playing style is slow and soulful, fast and furious, bluesy, rock or virtuoso the AVn-62 will put a grin on your face.

News flash Apr-2021: Now with our new Synergy baseplate that allows switching off Hum Cancelling as well as switching to ‘Synergy’ mode.

Signal chain requirements: Any old cable won’t do. It is essential to use a low capacitance cable to get the incredible performance of this pickup.

Works well in any Kinman Goodbye-Soldering Harness.

Some people will call these noiseless Stratocaster pickups but Kinman prefers to describe them correctly as Zero-Hum Stratocaster pickups. That’s because there are 2 types of noise, Hum which is cancelled in the pickup and Buzz which can only be minimized by shielding the wiring cavities (refer to >Technical >Perfect Guitar >Shielding for newer guitars


*Stratocaster and Strat are a Trade Marks of Fender Musical Instrument Corp. Kinman is not connected to Fender.

** Alnico-K is a unique proprietary rod magnet developed by Kinman in 1985. It has 40% less string pull than Alnico-5 so sustain is longer and there is much less clatter from string crash and no Strat-itis string warble.


Technical Stuff

Under the hood of the AVn-62 Mk-I

Laser engraved specification nomenclature

US Patents 5,668, 520 6 ,103, 986

Covers – included

  • Standard Kinman cover without height extender bushings.
  • Available in White, Black, Aged White.
  • With and without Kinman logo.
  • Can be tinted with food stains such as Coffee and Tea.
  • Generic covers will not fit Kinman Strat pickups. We sell replacement covers in three colors.

Connection means available

  • Bare wires for soldering.
  • Kinman connectors for plugging into any Kinman Goodbye-Soldering Harness.


  • click for dimensions page

Pot & Capacitor values

  • Best with 250k Ohm (measured minimum) volume pot. Less punch and more bright with 500k.
  • Tone pot is usually the same value as the volume but for a little more top end brightness can be 500k, 1meg or a No-Load.
  • Stock pots can actually measure as low as 175k. Pots in our Goodbye-Soldering Harness are guaranteed to measure no less that 250k.
  • Normal tone cap value of 0.022uF, 63 ~ 100 volt Polyester. Smaller uF value lessen the severity of Treble cut, higher values increase it.
  • The voltage rating of Caps is not important but 63 ~ 100 volt have thicker lead wires that result in a neater job.

Magnet spreads we normally ship (ensures magnets align with the strings in each position)

  • Narrow 49.5mm – Neck
  • Intermediate 51mm – Middle
  • Standard 52.5mm – Bridge
  • Option to specify your magnet spreads of sets and singles in our ‘After-Payment’ Additional Questions‘ email we send you.

Magnet Staggers

  • Normal improved Stagger to suit 7″ ~ 14 inch uniform radius fretboards including USA Custom Guitar Compound 7-1/4″ ~ 9-1/2
  • Flat Stagger 14″ ~ 20″ for specific compound radius fretboards (Warmoth 10 ~ 16 inch and Post 2010 Fender Deluxe 9 ~ 14″)
  • Option to choose your magnet stagger for sets and singles in our ‘After-Payment Additional Questions‘ email we send you.

Hook-up cable

  • 2 conductor shielded is standard.
  • Middle pickups when supplied with a K9 or neck pickup with a TK4 harness have 3 conductor shielded.
  • 3 conductor by request with Order.
  • Custom lengths by request with Order.

Output Polarity:

  • in-phase with Gibson and Copy humbuckers
  • in-phase with all other Kinman pickups
  • opposite phase to Fender Strat (match phase with 3 Conductor hook-up cable)

Mounting hardware included

  • 2 x Pan head mounting screws 6-38 UNC x 18mm.
  • 2 x Silicon Rubber tube springs.

We highly recommend consulting the Install Guide in the Technical section even if you think you know it all. Kinmans’ require specialized knowledge and sometimes there is updated info. There is also a handy wiring diagram available.

We also highly recommend consulting the Adjust & Set-up page in the Technical section so you get the best out of your Kinman pickups.


Kinman Blues Set Pickups – 2004 Std. Strat

Blues set with Vintage Fuzz

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