There is no Industry Standard for phase or output polarity for manufacturers to comply with, not to be confused with magnetic polarity (eg North up for Kinman & Fender) or coil polarity. Phase is only important when pickups are switched on together. So they sound in-phase pickups must have the same phase (or output polarity). Use the following method to compare different kinds or different brands of pickups before installing.

If not the same then either the magnetic polarity must be reversed or the output connections reversed. Not all pickups are easily reversed by simply swapping the hook-up connections, in which case it is possible to order reverse phase (output polarity) pickups from Kinman. Remember these will be out-of-phase with normal Kinman’s when switched on together.

The TEST: An Analogue meter set to it’s lowest setting (eg. approx 1volt) is best as it is difficult to get an indication with digital meters. When a object made of non-magnetized steel (eg a screwdriver) is approached to and comes into contact with the top of the magnet the meter needle will indicate a momentary deflection (ie – negative or + positive volts) This the reference polarity.

CAUTION: When the object is retracted the meter will indicate a momentary reverse deflection.