Perfection in 50’s Stratocaster sound.

All the lead guitar parts of these Shadows tunes were played with the magnificient KINMANUSA Magnum Opus ’59 Stratocaster pickups.

The Magnum Opus ’59 Zero-Hum is the new Gold Standard for Stratocaster pickups and these audio tracks speak mountains about them and why Hank Marvin and his inner circle of advisors much prefer the Magnum Opus ’59 over any other brand’.

Kon Tiki

Played by Gary Taylor, melody on bridge pickup, raked chords on middle pickup (AC15 clone normal channel, Goodmans Audiom loudspeaker)


Played jointly by Gary Taylor and Paul Rossiter. Paul played the melody and chunka-chunka bits and Gary did the high bits. Mexican Strat with Kinman Magnum Opus 59 pickups, Elixir 12-52 Nanowebs, TVS3 echo, Vox AC 15 clone (top boost channel), Celestion Blue, SM57 mic.

Wonderful Land

Played by Paul Rossiter, bridge pickup (AC15 clone, top boost channel, Celestion Blue loudspeaker).


Played by Gary Taylor, middle pickup (AC15 clone, top boost channel, Celestion Blue loudspeaker).


Played by Paul Rossiter, bridge and neck pickups in different sections. Same equipment line-up as Sleepwalk

The Savage

Just to demonstrate the versatility of the Magnum Opus '59 Gary Taylor played the lead guitar parts to sound like the 1960's original and is an unusual sound, sort of muted.  But as you will hear he couldn't completely suppress the shine of the Magnum Opus '59.