Converting a Kinman 2 Conductor Strat pickup to 3 Conductor

CAUTION: Embedded solder points on the baseplates of Kinman pickups can be damaged beyond repair by excessive heating during soldering. Apply heat for no longer than 4 seconds and allow to cool before trying again. Maximum attempts is about 4 before degradation occurs.

De-solder the original cable one point at a time and carefully remove it from the pickup. Insert the new cable through the hole from behind the pickup and pull enough length past the base-plate to make it easy to direct the wires where you want them to go. Melt the solder in the first (for Red wire) point and poke the wire into the solder. Take the iron away immediately the wire enters the hole, so heat won’t travel up the wire and melt the Red or White plastic coating. Hold the cable steady while the solder cools and goes hard.

Repeat the above for the second and third points (white and then bare wire of outer shield)

The solder points should be shiny and well formed. If the points are dull or not smooth, re-heat to melt and allow to cool while the cable is held from moving. Apply a little dab of fresh solder only if necessary to fill the points.

When finished soldering gently pull the cable back through the base-plate leaving a loop of cable that is about 6mm (1/4”) above the base-plate.