My pickup covers that come standard with my Strat pickups (Nov ’00) can be ordered in White, Black, Mint, Parchment, Cream, Old Strat and Aged White ( go to my Shop Online to see a photo of the colors) Also you can tint White covers yourself with water based food dyes so you may not want to change them. But yes, Kinmanusa pickups are engineered to be dimensionally faithful to the original so that original Fender pickup covers will fit some models, but please read on.

NEWS: as of March 01 Kinmanusa’s are being shipped with a special neck pickup with narrow pole spacing so other covers will definitely not fit unless you order a special set without the narrow spaced neck pickup.

If you do want to change or tint the NEW covers you have to remove them from the pickups with great care. (See Pickup Covers) We have received reports of damaged coils resulting from attempts to take them off.

BEWARE of non-Fender covers as often these are not dimensionally accurate to the original Fender covers. Tokai covers for example are a tight fit onto a Kinmanusa bobbin and will destroy the upper coil upon removal. DO NOT USE tight fitting covers. Also see answer 17.