One magnet stagger can’t possibly match all the different fretboard radii of modern guitars, that’s why I offer my Fender models with two radius options. Standard is the 7″ ~ 14″ radius range with a low G pole magnet stagger to suit most single coil pickup guitars. These are available as right or left hand pickups. The other has a special Flat stagger and suits excessively flat fretboards ranging from 15″ ~ 18″ (Warmoth Compound Radius, Fender Compound etc). The radius range is marked on the box as well as on the base of the pickups. The radius page lists popular makes & models and indicates the fretboard radius. It even has a Kinmanusa Radius Gauge so you can measure your fretboard if you want to be sure. Please ensure that you select the correct radius when ordering or buying your new pickups.