We think they are the best in the world. Because other brands don’t have access to my advanced Patented technology they suffer in varying degrees from a choked, strangled, compressed and constricted feel. Of course their makers recommend using a 500K or 1Meg Ohm volume pot to alleviate this problem but it doesn’t really fix the problem.

The Kinmanusa on the other hand have a very responsive, expressive and fluid feel which is very pleasing and enjoyable to play with. It promotes player confidence, spontaneity and creativity. Don’t take our word for it though, check out our reviews, or experience them for yourself.

Also 1Meg ohm pots have an unpleasant ramp-up characteristic that a lot of high-gain players won’t like. When turning up from zero, instead of a smooth transition back to full volume there is an unpleasant turn-on transient or ‘crack’. The 1Meg pot just can’t deliver a smooth ramp up, only a 250K pot can deliver the performance that many guitar players expect. The other problem with a 1meg volume pot is that when you turn down to 8 or less you’ll experience a significant increase in hum.