Will my old Fender covers fit Kinmanusa Pickups?

My pickup covers that come standard with my Strat pickups (Nov '00) can be ordered in White, Black, Mint, Parchment, Cream, Old Strat and Aged White ( go to my Shop Online to see a photo of the colors) Also you can tint White covers yourself with water based food dyes so you may not [...]

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How do the different models sound?

The way humans listen to the sound of a pickup is a very complex thing. Different people listen to, and focus on different elements of the sound, so there is no ONE way to describe it that everyone can relate to. Some listen to the attack (transient amplitude & rise/decay time), others the warmth of [...]

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What is it that makes these so quiet?

To make this type of pickup quiet is less than easy, but the real challenge is to make it sound great! After 16 years of R & D, which resulted in several international patents, I developed a unique magnetic shield design and special dissimiliar coil technology (DCT) which together do the job perfectly. This design [...]

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Are your pickups wound by machine or by hand?

Machine wound coils normally look very neat whereas handwound are a bit untidy. Untidy sounds great so I'm happy to say that all my coils are a bit untidy. My special machines are highly trained to wind like handwounds are, but much better because only machines can control tension accurately and consistenty and provide very [...]

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Fender have a new Noiseless Strat pickups (VN), it looks the same but is it the same design as your Hx Series?

The Fender Vintage Noiseless pickups bear no technical or sonic resemblance to Kinmanusa DCT (see Q6) design pickups. It appears to be based on a 1972 Patent design (USA Patent number 3,657,461 of 18th April 1972) for the first Stacked single coil type pickup. Confusion may have arisen because a certain Fender Custom Shop signature [...]

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